Friday, August 7, 2009

Where is my toothbrush!?

I was looking for my toothbrush last night. When I remembered my sister asking me about it earlier that day and we had a conversation something like this:

sister: Mom wants to know which toothbrush is yours, she's throwing them away.
me: It's the orange one. Tell mom to NOT throw my toothbrush away it's new!

So imagine my surprise when said orange toothbrush was missing!! I woke my mother up and demanded to know where my toothbrush was. She said to ask my sister.

me: Where is my toothbrush. *GAH!!!*
sister: I don't know!
me: I told you not to throw it away it was new, now it's not there!
mother: maybe you aren't looking carefully.
me: there is no toothbrush here that is orange! Mine was orange!! Where is my toothrush.
brother: did you look in the garbage!?
me: what would it be doing in the garbage!

My brother comes into the bathroom and picks up the rubbish bin, there were two toothbrushes there, blue and purple, not orange and not mine. At this time my mother told me to just use another one.
I was still ranting about my toothbrush while going through the drawers to find another one when my sister comes into the bathroom with my orange toothbrush.

me: where did you get that from!?
sister: it was in the garbage downstairs.

I looked at her like she was crazy, did she expect me to use a toothbrush that was in the garbage!? She had washed it, so yes, I think she did expect me to use a toothbrush that she threw away in the garbage.

My brother just started laughing.


  1. LOL! That is pretty darn funny. Just dump the thing in scope and it'll be fine.

  2. I can't believe you woke your mom to ask about your orange toothbrush. Your poor mom...