Friday, September 4, 2009

Conversations in my head

Maybe it's a product of being an only child for 10 years and not really having a lot of kids my age around me except for school, or maybe it's the product of an overactive imagination, however, sometimes I have conversations with people in my head. No, I'm not referring to made up people, I'm referring to real people and these conversations are things that I would say to them if I had a chance but for some reason chickened out or did not have the opportunity.

A long time ago I decided to express these thoughts in letters. These letters are usually addressed to "Dear Friend" and I never send them out, but they are a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings. I like the anonymity of the "Dear Friend" letters, I like that you cannot make assumptions about who they are meant to be for since sometimes they are so generic. I like that sometimes they also help me to get things off my chest so I don't think about them over and over again. I also like that they are so fun sometimes.

Dear Friend,
As I write this blog, I think of you.

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