Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Tale of the Chatty Cabby

It's Restaurant Week here in New York and some friends and I decided to have dinner at Le Perigord. I looked up the direction and noticed that I needed to take the E train to Lexington Ave and 51st Street and then walk to the restaurant. No sweat, I take took the trains often enough, I know my way.

I got onto the platform and waited, it was rush hour, crowded and 10 minutes passed with no train. Finally it showed up and I hopped on and was off! Things started getting hairy when we passed Columbus Circle.

"Surely the E train doesn't stop at Columbus Circle," I thought, "Something feels wrong." Yet I stayed on the train, maybe I didn't remember correctly and with no maps handy I wasn't sure.

The next stop turned out to be 72nd street. I got out of the train, out of the subway, up the stairs and was practically running down the street trying to get a cab. "Surely there are cabs around Central Park," I thought, "After all people hang out at the park." Which I am sure they do, though not at 6pm and not in -30 degree weather.

I walked all the way back to Columbus Circle without any luck. Then I saw it, a cab letting his passenger off, but it was across the street. Though, thankfully no cars were coming, so with a mad dash across the street I ran to get the cab, only to see his "Off Duty" lights lit. Luckily he saw me and probably noticed the crazed look on my face that he took pity on me and decided he'd give me a ride.

I had 10 minutes to make it from Columbus Circle to 52nd and 1st for our 6:15 reservation. The last thing I wanted was a conversation, however, my cab driver had other plans, and so we had a conversation:

him: Where are you from?
me: Guyana
him: How long have you lived here?
me: 11 years now

then a few more questions, including a comment that we were the same colour.
me: yeah, yeah we are.

Until he asked about my dad's age and I decided to ask him about himself.

him: yeah, I'm probably older than your dad if you are his eldest.
me: Do you have an children?
him: yes, my daughter is 30, married with one child.
me: Oh? Grandson? Or granddaughter?
him: Granddaughter. My son is 28 and married, no child, but they are trying. *pause* All night long.
me: um ...
him: I'm joking.

him: I met my wife in '66 when we were in university. We took the same class. I was very naughty back them. Very naughty. You know what I mean?
me: yeah, sure. *no idea* But you're better now right?
him: Yes, much better. My wife was a good girl.

At this time we were stuck in traffic, I was an avenue away from the restaurant so I decided to hop out and walk.

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  1. Is there an unwritten law that 75% of cabbies have to be either perverts or stinky? lol
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.