Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strange strangers

I was at the gas station yesterday and I had a hand full of rubbish that I wanted to throw away. I suppose I was distracted because I forgot to close the gas cap on my gas tank.

As I got into my car another car pulled up to me and the man indicated that I obliged. He then proceeded to have the following conversation with me.

Stranger: Are you stressed out?
Me (confused): No, I'm not.
Stranger: You are speeding?
Me (even more confused seeing as I am sitting in my car at the gas pump): Um ... no, I'm not.
Stranger: You have to be either stressed out or speeding. A person like you shouldn't be stressed out.
Me: Oh, ok ...
Stranger (laughing): You know what I mean?
Me: uh .. yeah ...
Stranger: Did you know your gas cap is open?
Me: OOOOOOHHHHH, No I didn't, thank you.

As I got out of the car and went to close the cap I was wondering why he couldn't just say that from the beginning.

Stranger: Now do you see what I mean?
Me: Yeah, thanks.
Me (in my head - actually no, I don't know what you mean but thanks anyway).
Stranger: You're welcome, next time you owe me.
Me: Oh, ok!

I left the gas station. However, that was not my final strange conversation of the day, later that night while going to Jenny I passed another stranger on the sidewalk.

Stranger #2: Hi, how are you doing tonight?
Me (wait is he talking to me? I'm not sure, should I look back? I look back, he's smiling at me): Uh, I'm fine thanks!

Fun times! Ok, so they were both being nice, but I do wonder if it was necessary for stranger #1 to go through that whole speech? Couldn't he just have said my gas cap was opened and be done with it?


My own good samaritan gas cap story ...

On a ride back from VA with my aunts we were behind a guy whose gas cap was uncapped. We passed him and then tried to pull up next to the driver. We wound our window down, waved at them and when the looked over we yelled, "Your gas tank is uncovered!!"
They thanked us and pulled over to fix the problem.

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