Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home Alone

There is always something so liberating about being home alone. I'm not talking about home alone for a few hours, but being home alone for several days. You have the place to yourself and you can do whatever it is you please. I have had such an experience this week and I've decided to compile a list of things that I've realized I can do at home that I may not necessarily do if there were other people in the house.

+ Sing at the top of my lungs. Like that loud almost screaming sound where you belt out the song as loud as you can without hurting yourself.
+ Use the bathroom without closing or locking the door.
+ Walk around with hardly any clothing on.
+ Sleep on every single bed in the house.

I've been home alone for the past two days and I've had a relaxing time here. On Friday, J, P and Mary came over and we drove into Manhattan and then got on a boat with seven other people to cruise around the Hudson. We cast anchor and J, M and I took a seat on the bow of the ship and just enjoyed the night sky and the quiet out on the river and the conversations of our fellow boaters. The trip was nothing I imagined, but everything I adored! I loved the company, I loved the fun conversations, I loved looking at the stars and singing Disney tunes and Broadway tunes with M and J.

J, P and I drove back to my house and we started watching 17 Again while falling asleep. It was a good time. In the morning I made breakfast of eggs with bread/toast and then P left while J and I finished 17 Again.

After giving J a lift home I got back to the empty house and just relaxed a bit until going to see District 9 with Eddie. I enjoyed the way the movie was filmed and the idea behind it. The actors were good as well. I also thought the analogies that were made with the way humans treat each other were pretty blatant throughout the film.

We had some Chinese food for dinner and then Becky came over and we made brownies in a mug! =)

Right now we're all just chilling in the living room, doing our own thing and enjoying each other's company. This is what friendship is all about.

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  1. I wish I could have the house to myself for a few days :p