Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Memories - February 2009 Releases

Continuing from this post. It's time to tackle the movies with a February release date.


The first I saw Coraline it was not in 3D and it was with my sister at a theater that was close by us. I loved it. It's just so different, Neil Gaiman is a great story teller. I could tell from the movie that the 3D version might be spectacular and so I was longing to watch the 3D version. I had made one attempt to see it with Dan but we saw Taken instead. The next day he found a theater that was still showing it in 3D and we went to see it.

Coraline is a bit on the long side but I did like the 3D version. It turned out to be just a few of us watching again.

Afterwards I went to the supermarket to get some flowers and stuff to make cupcakes. It was my grandma's birthday and my mom's birthday and that was the plan for the rest of the afternoon.

He's Just Not That Into You
I saw this movie with a bunch of NLers. I met them after church and we went to Forest Hills to the Johnny Rockets to grab a bite to eat. A few guys were with us, but most of them bailed and in the end only three guys braved the movie with us (D, B and P) two of of the three coming with their significant other. Later the fourth guy - F - joined our ranks. He tried to get to the seat that we were keeping for him, but these little old ladies refused to let him through! He had to hop over them, it was one of the funniest things ever. He was polite, so I'm not sure why the ladies did not want him to pass, he was not disturbing them, the movie had not yet started!

Afterward we had a little ... situation ... with one of the females that attended the showing, she was reminiscing a past relationship, so when she ran away from the group, me and another followed and when I saw the other had it under control I went back to the group to do some damage control. We went to a dessert place to have some yummy desert and talk about the movie - whether or not it's true - and called it a night.


I saw this movie in theaters with Pauline. Her and I caught an early show. The movie was great and afterward I can't remember if we just hung out at Panera (hehe) or if I took her home. We hung out so much that it's quite a blur to me now, but all good times.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Jenny was sick and while she was home and feeling just slightly better I decided to take her to see this little chick flick. I don't think we enjoyed it much! It was cute but so cheesy, however, we had a good time hanging out together.

Afterwards I took her back home, she needed her rest!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
I saw this in Forest Hills with some NLers. We had some pizza beforehand at a pizza shop near the theater.

This one such a corny movie! I was sitting next to Eddie who just kept laughing through the entire movie because of it's corniness! Actually, the guy sitting in front of us kept laughing through the entire movie as well.

I'm not sure we did anything afterward, I suppose if we did it would have been Martha's or the other dessert place, but whatever we did we definitely made fun of the film.

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