Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Movie Memories - March 2009 Releases

Continuing from this post. It's time to tackle the movies with a March release date.

There were about 17 of us. Some of us went to have dim sum after church, others went other places. My group did the dim sum then red mango and then we went over to the theater. My brother was with us since he wanted to see the movie. We took up an entire row of seats!

The movie was quite good, except for parts that seemed unnecessary, but I suppose they kept pretty close to the comics.

Afterward we all went to 5 Guy Burger to have some burger and fries. This was the first time I've been there and so it was a little entertaining to me. I mean, free peanuts! woot woot!

The Knowing
I saw this movie in Manila. Hewan and I were walking the Mall of Asia in Manila and we decided to catch a flick while we waited out our time to get on our flight to Guam. We both had our big backpacks and so people were staring at us all the time. We got into the theater and found a seat. There was no one sitting next to me and so I put our bags on that seat so it wouldn't get in the way. About 15 minutes into the movie these three people came in and the guy tried to sit on our bags!!! I told him to wait I'll move the bags and he did wait for me to move one then he was trying to sit on the second one! It was amusing, finally I got the bags out of the way for him to sit.

The movie was better than I expected it to be, and the ending, though different, I actually liked.

Afterwards we went to a few stores and then caught our flight to Guam.

Monsters vs. Aliens
While laid over in Guam, Hewan and I decided to catch this flick. The price for the 3D was lower than the price of a regular ticket in NY. We were one of the few people in the theater. Half way through the movie this little girl started walking around and then about 3/4s of the way through she started talking to me and asking me about the things in my bag and started going through my purse. Yes ... I made a friend in Guam.

The movie was cute, very predictable, but cute nonetheless. After we were done with the movie we just walked the mall a bit and then went back to the hotel to prepare for our flight to Hawaii.

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