Saturday, August 15, 2009

Movie Memories - May 2009 Releases

Continuing from this post. It's time to tackle the movies with a May release date.

X-Men Origin: Wolverine
Pauline and I went to an early showing of this movie. We were one of the few people in the theater. There were two other people, one came in after us and chose to sit right behind us. Pauline and I were making our comments and she shushed us! SHUSHED US! I mean, the theater was empty, we were not loud, she chose to sit right behind us, I cannot help it if she wants to sit behind us in an empty theater and can hear us.

We definitely enjoyed the movie though, all those new mutants, all those powers, all those um ... hot guys.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Jenny, Pauline, Mary and I went to see this one. We had a quick lunch at a Panera Bread and then got to the theater in time to see the movie.

It was cute, and enjoyable. There were a lot of jokes and such, but all in all it was a chick flick and in the end, the guy gets the girl (or girl gets the guy).

Star Trek

I saw this with a bunch of NLers. There was one point in the movie where we all raised our hands and said, "Live long and Prosper!" Ah yes, we are dorks. The movie was great and I would have seen it again in theaters.
Later we had Martha's while standing in front of the store.

Terminator Salvation

I saw this with Dan. We went an early afternoon and then later on, because he was feeling stressed, I decided to just go driving. We ended up at Montauk where we climbed rocks and sung on the giant swing.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
After walking around flushing with Erik to get something to eat, him and I decided to go to the theater to see this movie.

The movie was cute and I was laughing a lot towards the end. After that we just headed on home.

I saw this movie with Eddie, Pauline and Dan. Apparently I got the movie time wrong and so we had an hour to kill, which we did, like any LIer would, in the 7-11.
The movie was cute, but so sad! It was amazing that a Disney movie would be so real in the hurt (even if not the actual events that occurred).

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