Thursday, September 24, 2009

Movie Memories - July 2009 Releases

Continuing from this post. It's time to tackle the movies with a July release date. Movie memories are memories about a particular movie that you have seen with friends and what happened leading up to and after the movie but not necessarily a movie review.

July was a bit of a weird movie month. Let's take a shot at it and see what we find.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
I went with my brother, sister and two cousins to see this movie. We went into the theater to find that not only did we get a cheap price, but we also ended up sitting with tons of day campers. That's right, we saw the movie with a bunch of kids who couldn't keep quiet and went "oooooooh" at any romantic scene.

While I have always enjoyed Harry Potter movies, this one was a little bittersweet. I think the movie was a great movie for all the people who just watch the movies and do not read the book, however, they added a few things that weren't really necessary and took some things out which I really wanted them to portray in the movie. The biggest thing was they botched up the Harry/Ginny first kiss scene. I mean, come on people, the entire book literally lead up to that romantic moment and you had to go and ruin it? For shame. I am looking forward to the last two movies. We'll see how those go.

The Ugly Truth
A few of us went to see this movie on a Saturday and we made a little event out of it. First, about eight of us from NL ate at the Apple Bee's and then we met up with a few more and went into the theater. They were showing it on two screens and some went in early to save seats only to see that the theater was packed, however, a few of us who were waiting on the others to come heard about the second screening and went into that theater and saw it was practically empty! So we called up our mates and took that one over.

The movie itself was not that great. It had it's funny pieces but it was just so crass and unnecessary that it was hard to really pay attention to whatever the message was.

Afterwards we all headed on home, it was a long afternoon, it was a good day.

Funny People
I went to see this one with Michelle, Monty, Mike and Frankie. I met them at the theater and Frankie got in trouble with some old ladies. It was quite amusing, he was saving a seat for someone else and another old lady decided to sit down in that seat and he told her no, that he was saving it and so she moved. However, she was mumbling about how he could have told her before she sat down and the first old lady who was already sitting there turned to her and agreed and then said, "He says he's saving it for a friend, must be some invisible friend."

Later, the person he was saving it for came in but she had another person with her and they couldn't sit there. So Frankie had to sit in the row with the two grumpy old women. Just a funny note, one of the women met up with her friend after (who was sitting elsewhere) and they snuck into another show.

The show itself was a bit depressing. There were jokes - guy jokes - but the story was a depressing story about real life. I did enjoy the movie even though I thought it was a little on the long side.

That's about it. Not a lot of movies viewed in July, but we did a lot of outdoors stuff so I guess it's OK! =)

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